Fulham Road

A Georgian property on the Fulham Road in Parsons Green, southwest London has been transformed into a contemporary bakery, stripped back to its elemental features.

The counter incorporates Italian ‘Grigio Carnico’ marble with rough, broken edges as a counterpoint to the neatly ordered crackle glazed tiles.

Staffordshire Blue reclaimed quarry tiles provide a textural, hard-wearing floor finish, complementing the exposed red London Stock brick walls and unfinished columns that reveal the site’s past through their peeling wallpaper.

Timber shelves run the full extent of the counter to display the baked goods, supported by black steel brackets that extend to the ceiling.

A sapphire-blue leather banquette running the length of the space provides a splash of colour, whilst industrial bell-jar pendants animate the fully glazed façade and create a warm and inviting welcome.

Finally, the striking gridded ceiling feature completes the space.

Location: Fulham, London
Status: Completed (2015)
Client: GAIL’s Artisan Bakery