Old Town

A neon sign reading “CONTENTMENT PASSE RICHESSE” (sic.) adorns the main wall and greets customers to our artisan bakery in Clapham Old Town for Gail’s.

The quote is taken from ‘Le médecin malgré lui’ by the French poet Molière and is a reference to a mysterious inscription on the building’s main facade. Translated as ‘Happiness Before Wealth’ the text seems like a fitting welcome.

The wall and floor coverings are clad in oak parquet interspersed with concrete tiles that wrap up the walls and front of the counter from the floor. The centre island features a solid oak worktop that, alongside the custom steel racking, is used to display the baked goods for sale.

A custom made banquette runs the length of the rear wall beneath the signage, leading to a more intimate seating area with its own indoor green wall from where customers can also enjoy the view out into a small courtyard garden.

Location: Clapham, London
Status: Completed (2015)
Client: GAIL’s Artisan Bakery