London, UK


Panzer’s in St John’s Wood was originally opened in 1944. Service and a friendly attitude to customers, combined with a commitment to quality produce, has made Panzer’s a local food institution with a loyal following.

Mr Panzer, the store’s namesake, emigrated to the UK from Austria in the 1930s, therefore as a starting point for the design we looked for inspiration to the architect Adolf Loos who worked in Vienna at that time. Loos’ work was a precursor of the ‘International Style’ which advocated clean lines, a curated palette, elegant materials, simple details and geometric balance. At Panzer’s, Rosa marble and terrazzo are set against hand crafted shelving of natural Elm, and concrete tiles to provide a neutral backdrop for the products, accentuated with splashes of brass and blackened steel.

New services introduced to the store include a central checkout and accounts counter, coffee counter and sushi bar to complement the extensive deli, world food, fruit & vegetables, wine and bakery. Behind the scenes the store also now features a commercial kitchen, walk-in fridges and upgraded services, to bring it confidently into the 21st Century.

The Panzers brand itself has been revitalised by Design Consultant Jane Withers Studio and Here Design who have updated the store’s signage, typeface, packaging and uniforms.