Swain’s Lane

An old butcher’s shop in Swain’s Lane, Highgate, provided the perfect environment for a neighbourhood bakery for Gail’s.

The design retains as many of the original features as possible in order to preserve the character of the space and create a welcoming feel to this community hub. The tiling and terrazzo floor have been refurbished, and even the original metal hooks and rails, that have now been augmented with ‘found’ objects, materials, furniture and lighting.

New counters were designed to complement the old, clad in copper trim and handmade tiles in a colour palette that worked harmoniously with the existing tiling and floor and showcase the vast range of baked goods on display. Rough-hewn timber benches and black granite table tops complete the look.

A new conservatory has been constructed to the rear to provide additional seating and allow natural daylight into the rear of the space. A large farmhouse style table fills the space and provides ample seating for local residents.

Location: Highgate, London
Status: Completed (2016)
Client: GAIL’s Artisan Bakery