London, UK

Gymnasium Wandsworth

Holland Harvey has delivered a new community-focused gym for fitness brand Gymnasium in Wandsworth, London. The project sought to enhance the social experience of visiting the gym, guided by the principles of the brand – openness, and inclusivity.

Previously a retail unit, the space was transformed into a bright and energetic gym by forming holes through the floor plates to improve connectivity between levels. Visitors to the space enter via a double-height reception enabling a view up to the member’s communal space on the first floor above. This connection is enhanced by the use of a bespoke string-like lighting fixture that connects the two and echoes the sculptural staircase beyond.

The first floor hosts a full range of amenities anchored by a Gymnasium brand hallmark, the communal table, where members congregate against a wall adorned by ever-updating photos of attendees. Gender-inclusive changing and shower facilities are accessed from this central hub.

The gym features bespoke concrete furniture designed to encourage communal use and incidental interactions between members. Robust industrial-inspired detailing is juxtaposed against refined embossed brass, providing eye-catching contrast and subtle, branded finishes.

The identity of each of the three fitness studios corresponds to its offering: Compete, Stronger and Athletica. These are programmes created by, and unique to, Gymnasium and each incorporates different methods, equipment, and class sizes. The bold colour and lighting design of each of these studios embody the personality of the class and its instructors.