Our process began as an exercise in “architectural archaeology” whilst converting the old London & South Western bank on Wanstead High Street into a new artisan bakery for Gail’s where decades of renovations had completely obscured many original features that our design looked to reveal, and celebrate.

The original terrazzo floor was first uncovered and refurbished, to include the original bank logo embedded in the surface. The sheer volume of the space is also emphasised by the natural daylight through the newly restored large Victorian windows.

Where possible the original fabric was retained, including the steel columns and timber paneling, and where new materials were inserted they have been left in their raw state including the stripped back walls.

A singular organisational piece of joinery occupies the centre of the corner site that divide the site into several distinct seating zones.

Material selection were honest and humble; the colours were chosen to be neutral and to not overpower the space. Lighting and furniture were chosen to be clean and functional rather than overly decorative.

Location: Wanstead
Status: Completed (2017)
Client: GAIL’s Artisan Bakery