09 November, 2021

Redirecting waste from landfill

According to Defra, in 2018 the waste generated in the UK by construction, demolition, and excavation activities accounted for 62% of total waste. The vast majority of this waste, 67.8 million tonnes, was non-hazardous construction waste from building sites.

At our second hotel project for Inhabit, we have been working closely with County Contractors to redirect our construction and demolition waste from landfill, in support of the Mayor of London’s Circular Economy Statement, where we have recovered 100% of all construction waste.

  • 59% or 333.5 tonnes recycled
  • 41% or 233.5 tonnes energy recovery
  • 0% to landfill
  • Of total construction waste, 35% was plasterboard, of which 100% was recycled


You can read the full Government report on waste recovery here.