STIMULATING WELLNESS, Hotel Designs Roundtable

You will feel well in a space, if you feel good about the objects and the materials that have been used to create it. – Richard Holland, Co-founding director, Holland Harvey

STIMULATING WELLNESS, a roundtable brought to you by @hoteldesigns and @geberituk , featuring Richard Holland, Hamish Kilburn and a select group of prominent interior designers and architects. Together, they explored the myriad of ways wellness and wellbeing is now being woven into the fabric of the hotel experience, while also confronting the challenges that accompany this journey.

To gain insight into each designer’s inspiration and approach, read the full roundtable here:


On the panel:
Wren Loucks: CEO & Creative Director, Be-kin Ltd
Richard Holland: Co-founding Director, Holland Harvey
Balkaran Bassan: Senior Design Lead, Blacksheep
Geraldine Dohogne: Founder, Geraldine Dohogne Design
Clare McDonald: Founder & Creative Director, Design Command
Lynne Clapham-Carter: Specification Manager, Geberit