Situated within the historic shopping arcade of St Pancras International Station from which the latest concept for El&n takes its cue, creating a space rich in the romantic nostalgia of rail travel.  

A composition of iridescent tiles and stainless steel arches form the backdrop to the store and make playful reference to the adjacent brick vaults of the St Pancras Arcade The station’s historic architectural features are retained and its original fabric exposed to build a dialogue between the old and new. The space is organised around a series of curved counters set upon a resin floor with inset aluminium trackand pockets of pink concrete to demarcate the customer journey. 

The curving forms and patterns seek to soften the space, juxtaposing the utilitarian nature of the existing fabric and the industrial feel of sharp detailing used throughout.  

The approach to furniture is a final nod to context where a series of carriage style booths formed within steel arches offer intimate yet playful seating for customers waiting on their onward journey. 

Location: London
Status: Complete
Client: El&n London

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